Just some shorts made for fun, in reverse chronological order.

All of these are in Italian.


Cinderella meets the mafia


A woman is interviewed for a job, she's the ideal candidate for the business world. She’s neat, she doesn’t hesitate. But something dissonates. In the meantime a girl is auditioning in a theater. She decided to bring a piece about herself. They seem two different and irreconcilable live, but it isn’t so. While on stage the mask falls and her true name, Alex, is spoken, in real life the show goes on, under a false name, Allison. Life is often paradoxical. We wear so many masks that our true face appears right where it usually is covered.


A Roald Dahl inspired culinary thriller.


Wanted criminals, heinous murderers and supernatural phenomena make an apparently heavenly mountain resort a place to fear.