The word portfolio comes from the Italian portafoglio, which literally means sheet carrier. In common parlance it is used to mean wallet or, in some northern areas, notebook. This is a continuous source of hilarity.

pietra corva with scorpa

You can see a rather random selection of my photos on Flickr.

You can also find my Facebook pictures here.

Here I present a self hosted selection of works, mostly focusing on web design and travel photography, with some occasional graphics project.

Travel Photos

scenes from Istanbul

Panoramic Photos

I came to panoramic image capture by way of a research project on surround sound and video capture. In that case we used a parabolic mirror, but I fell in love with the software capture process. It's a triumph of software over physical limitations. The images on the panorama page are a random selection from the vast quantity of pictures I took.

pano aggregate

Tin Necklaces

Instead of buying Christmas presents, I got together with a couple of friends and made something.