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Even when I was very little (as soon as 1993) my dad brought me along when he went in theaters doing acoustical measurements. Thus I became accustomed with the principles of acoustics. He also brought me and my family to most conventions and conferences to which he went, although I wasn't allowed to enter due to age limits. Furthermore in 2002 and 2003 I went with him in several theaters around the world measuring their impulse responses for a project with Waves. I became an AES student member in 2002, when I went to the Convention in Amsterdam. Since then I've been at the 2006 San Francisco Convention and to the 2007 Vienna Convention, plus something like five minor conferences (including WESPAC 2006 in Seoul).  I decided to do an article about mp3 players sound level emission because I didn't find satisfactory information on the matter on the web, so I found out myself.

Articles I did:


I love motorbikes, and particularly off-road ones. I started riding motorbikes when I was five years old, with a 1 speed 50cc Malaguti Grizzly. When I got eight I bought a four speed Rivara 50cc. When was ten I passed to a 6 speed Fantic Trial 200 of 1981. When I became 16 I got a 125cc driving license (the "Patente A"), which allows me to use my Fantic Trial 125 of 1979 on the road. Here you can see all our Fantic Motor bikes.


I'm a big travel buff. My family and I love traveling around the world. Here you can see the Travel section of my Photo Gallery, containing photos from my latest voyages (I'll put photos from the older ones in a while). For further information about my travels you can search through my blogs, where most of my most recent travels are described in detail.

Scuba Diving

I learned to swim well in advance than to walk, because my parents brought me to a hot swimming pool in Reggio Emilia since when I was 4 months old. I had my first scuba bottle when I was 2 years old, and when I was 3 I made my first dive in sea. I started an acquaticity/snorkeling course in January 2007, to which followed a First Degree FIPSAS/CMAS course which ended in June. This July I also took my Advanced PADI certification at ProDive Cairns, in Queensland, Australia, during a three day diving cruise on the Great Barrier Reef.
I also am a member of Parmasub.

Web Design

Although I started very recently to design web pages, I'm taking a passion in it. Due to my inexperience I'm still not good at coding interactive content, but I'm learning (as you can see from the feedback page) to do some php scripts. Here's a list of the web sites I did:



When last year my school started a badminton tournament I enrolled with a friend of mine, and, in spite of our inexperience (and of my weight), we finished second. Consequently I bought a very cheap set of equipment, which will enable us to train furthermore. In order to obtain information about the correct badminton techniques (mine are based on tennis, which is not at all the same thing as badminton is based on wrist action, which is considered a dangerous technique in tennis) I found a very good information site, called badminton-information.com. Searching for a nearby badminton club on the Badminton Italian Federation site, I found out that in the whole district of Parma there is only one of them, which is in Noceto. But I also found out a project aimed at schools, which is free to subscribe for schools and which provides free equipment and badminton teaching, along with the possibility for students who subscribe to participate for free in the federal competitions. You can see this project's site here.


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