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Welcome to my Web site!

My name is Adriano Farina and I am from Parma, Italy. Here's my brief curriculum vitae.

I was born in Parma on the 19th of September in 1990. Here I attended the Scuola Elementare R. Pezzani and the Scuola Media Don G. Cavalli (you can see the short texts my class wrote here). Now I'm attending the fourth year (starting in September) of the Liceo Classico G.D. Romagnosi. Romagnosi is a Classical high school, which means we study Latin and Ancient Greek, lots of literature and history, two foreign languages (English and French) and little science and math. In spite of this I'm very interested in science, and I just finished my first acoustics article (which can be found here). Even when I was very little (as soon as 1993) my dad brought me along when he went in theaters doing acoustical measurements. Thus I became accustomed with the principles of acoustics. He also brought me and my family to most conventions and conferences to which he went, although I wasn't allowed to enter due to age limits. Furthermore in 2002 and 2003 I went with him in several theaters around the world measuring their impulse responses for a project with Waves. I became an AES student member in 2002, when I went to the Convention in Amsterdam. Since then I've been at the 2006 San Francisco Convention and to the 2007 Vienna Convention, plus something like five minor conferences (including WESPAC 2006 in Seoul).  I decided to do an article about mp3 players sound level emission because I didn't find satisfactory information on the matter on the web, so I found out myself. For more info about my interests, view the interest section of this site.

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